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Sub Zero connects science and frozen treats

Oct 23, 2017

Rita and Mark McCabe of Sub Zero Ice Cream (located in Nashua, NH) will be joining us at the Showcase Corner on the 1st floor of the DCU Center all day to show how ice cream and STEM are one and the same.

“Sub Zero makes its ice cream to order before our guests' eyes using liquid nitrogen with a patented process. Each ice cream is customized and created when you walk in our door,” says Ms. McCabe. You choose your cream, flavors, mix-ins and then we blast it with liquid nitrogen to create a very dense, smooth creamy ice cream which allows us to accommodate allergies of all kinds and dietary restrictions if needed.”

Sub Zero Ice Cream will offer multiple half hour science presentations with an in-depth look at the State of Matter, the relationship between volume, pressure and temperature (Ideal Gas Law), the Leidenfrost Effect and much more.  They will end the presentation by explaining how all that science comes together to create delicious Sub Zero ice cream!

The McCabes have brought this program to over 200 schools in NH and MA in the past two years and it's always a huge hit with teachers and students. “A very big part of what we do is STEM Enrichment programs for schools, scouts and other youth groups. We've had schools bring us back for other grades in their school or we've even done entire schools at once.  This goes right along with curriculum many times and is very visual, interactive (we ask them for their hypotheses before we do our experiments), we talk about the scientific method and truly educate.”

Check out Sub Zero on November 14!

Where: The “Showcase Corner”, 1st floor (upstairs), DCU Center

When: During each of the four session breaks during the Summit day, they will offer 20-minute STEM presentations. Plus, they’ll be continuously making ice cream all day.

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