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Out-of-School Time

Oct 02, 2015

Out-of-school time (OST) and informal educational opportunities in STEM inspire, engage, and motivate students towards deeper learning and understanding. For goals of STEM learning to be broadly realized, OST and informal STEM education must be considered a part of the ecosystem of learning. Informal educators and OST providers can provide effective strategies that traverse the school room or laboratory. Their work in museums, community settings, weekend STEM experiences and citizen science projects creates a network of relevant, highly interactive and engaging opportunities for students of all ages, backgrounds and levels of experience in the STEM fields.

Below is one example each of a session and exhibit in this strand. You can read about all of the Out-of-School sessions and exhibits on the STEM Summit website.

Session:  ”Understanding the Middle School Science Fair Experience”

Recent science education reforms emphasize the importance of having students do real scientific and engineering work because of the opportunities that “doing” science gives students. Science fairs are designed to give students precisely this experience and they have been promoted by education and industry leaders for over a half century.

Full session description.

Exhibit: “NUTRONs Robotics Team’s Cost Effective & Proven STEM Pipeline”

The NUTRONs FIRST Robotics Team 125 will demonstrate and describe the various aspects of our STEM pipeline. We will use our award-winning competition robot, videos, and pictures of our various programs, posters, and informational pamphlets to help provide information for those who are not sure how to start. Mentors and students will discuss the programs and answer any questions.

Full exhibit description.

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