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Sep 30, 2015

Over the past several years, the landscape of digital education has changed dramatically, shifting from primarily an arena for accessing digital content to an avenue for exploration, investigation, and global collaboration. This strand will empower participants to explore ways that students can engage through robust experiences provided in a digital context.

Below is one example each of a session and exhibit in this strand. You can read about all of the Digital Education sessions and exhibits on the STEM Summit website.

Session: “Digital Resources for STEM Learning and Engagement: Young Children to Teens”

How do we insure that students are learning to be creative thinkers in a world of global change and what does that mean for the future of education in the digital age? This session includes a discussion of two digital STEM programs for elementary, middle, and high school students - Plum Landing and Land Science. Developed by WGBH Boston with NSF funding, Plum Landing is designed to support parents, children (ages 6-9 years), and educators in educational settings as well as in out-of-school settings such as afterschool programs, independent camps, and museums.

Full session description.

Exhibit: “Maze Games for STEM boost student motivation/knowledge and will enhance many learning venues”


Few “action” words are as imbued with negative connotations as this unwelcome directive. Across the STEM landscape, there are myriad activities and resources, but relatively few can make learning fun. Using a novel and universal learning algorithm, converts sets of facts into maze puzzles. Contrary to conventional pedagogy, digital mazes do not, at every step, immediately tell the student “RIGHT” or “WRONG”. Instead, students must sift through their experiences, apply knowledge and perhaps acquire new information in order to solve these maze puzzles.

Full exhibit description.

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