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Early Education

Sep 30, 2015

Audiences for this strand are a diverse group. They include early educators, administrators, professional development trainers, para-professionals, and elementary education teachers, and others. Others also interested in this strand represent higher education including early those teaching early education practitioners and those conducting research.

These will be dynamic sessions that focus on "How" to implement STEM in various early education settings. The presentations and exhibits aim to foster innovative thinking and creativity, give participants great new ideas to elevate a young child’s natural curiosity, and further develop an early connection and interest in lifelong STEM learning. 

Below is one example each of a session and exhibit in this strand. Summit attendees are encourage to read all of the Early Education sessions and exhibits.

Session: “Make a Joyful Noise: Young Children Explore Sound and Music”

This session will cover investigations of sound crossover between art (music), the biology of the senses (hearing), and physical science (acoustics). Find out how to approach all of these in a deep, conceptual way through child-centered discovery using simple materials…with a little "teaching" asked of the session attendees!

Full session description.

Exhibit: “Scientific Superheroes, Tinkering Titans, Extraordinary Engineers and Marvelous Mechanics”

Faster than a speeding tricycle, able to leap small buildings in a single bound! In this exhibit, superheroes and their amazing engineering capabilities will be explored. Create your own superhero gizmo with found materials as we discuss innovative STEM education at the preschool level…and beyond.

Full exhibit description.

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