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Higher Education: 4-Year

Sep 30, 2015

In this strand, participants share their experiences in the implementation of evidence-based best practices for engaging and retaining students in STEM fields as well as improving learning outcomes. Sharing practical tools and effective strategies poised for immediate uptake and adaptation in a wide range of institution types are focus of these sessions and exhibits.

Below is one example each of a session and exhibit in this strand. Summit attendees are encouraged to review all of the K-12 Education sessions and exhibits.

Session: “What's the Flippin' Difference? The Implementation and Effectiveness of Flipped Learning”

Flipped learning involves moving passive, background instruction outside of the classroom, reserving in-class time for student-centered learning activities that fortify and support long-lasting learning. The effectiveness of flipped learning over traditional, passive, lecture-based instruction has been demonstrated in published studies for years.

Full session description.

Exhibit:  “The Small World Initiative: an authentic research based curriculum for undergraduate STEM education”

This exhibit will describe the Small World Initiative, a program that uses an authentic, crowd-sourced research project to create a new model for introductory science laboratory teaching and learning at the college level.

Full exhibit description. 

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