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Oct 19, 2017

At this year’s Summit, attendees will have to change to step out of the DCU Center’s door and enter the Mobile STEM lab brought to Worcester by the Massachusetts National Guard.The STEM Robotics Trailer is one of over a dozen Enhanced School Programs the Guard brings to communities at no cost.

The Trailer is currently set up for the Urban Search and Rescue Robotics Challenge. The Trailer contains four rolling tables, each housing four robotics kits which can be constructed simultaneously. Once students build their kits, they move into the trailer to navigate one of four identical obstacles courses via remote control and wireless video feeds.

The objective of the course is to navigate through to obtain an item and return outside in the fastest time. If a class only has a period or two, we can arrive with robots partially or fully assembled.
“If they have one to two days they can take time to fully design and build the robot from scratch. We’ll be demonstrating a small part of that process at the STEM Summit,” said Ken Dowd, Sergeant First Class. “The program is designed to be completely scalable and adaptable to any learning situation or setting.”

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