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Over the last 40 years, WGBH has developed expertise in translating science, math and engineering content to television, outreach, and digital learning, all the while ensuring that the final results are appealing to kids and useful to adults. STEM content is featured in WGBH programming such as PEEP and the Big Wide World, Curious George, Design Squad, and NOVA, among others.

WGBH is recognized as one of the nation’s leading producers of media-based resources to support teaching and learning, focused on both content and methodology at all grade levels. We are the leading contributor of Science and other STEM content to PBS LearningMedia, a comprehensive media-on-demand digital content library that offers PreK–12 classrooms a flexible way to integrate media into daily instruction. Developed through a partnership between PBS and WGBH, and supported by public media stations and other content partners nationwide, PBS LearningMedia engages educators and learners at all levels.

Through outreach partners, WGBH is able to reach thousands of preschool kids, K-12 students, and other learners who benefit from the in-depth exploration of educational content. WGBH’s collaborators, in turn, are able to use the excitement of media to attract new audiences to their programs. WGBH’s commitment to STEM education continues with our current initiatives. At the Massachusetts STEM Summit 2018, we’re proud to feature the new Invent Green! activity guide from Design Squad Global, designed to teach kids about sustainability and solving environmental problems with engineering. We’re also featuring the newest space resources in our Bringing the Universe to America’s Classrooms collection, created in collaboration with NASA, available for grades K-12.

For more information, visit: http://www.wgbh.org/

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