Teaching Computer Science: Great for Our Students and the Massachusetts Innovation Economy

Room: Red Level, Suite 15

Although we value computing in our daily lives and can’t live without the internet and our devices, “Computer Science as a discipline of study has not translated into a respectable presence in our system of education.” ( Four teachers from across the state will present an overview of Computer Science courses taught at their schools and demonstrate how its presence in their curriculum and in afterschool outreach programs is generating increased student interest in pursuing further CS study. At a time when computing skills are in high demand in all industries, these schools have created engaging programs to increase participation in Computer Science. The teachers leading these programs are trailblazers achieving success in attracting women, minorities and increasing enrollment in students taking AP Computer Science. Learn more about practices each teacher uses to engage students and attract students from all backgrounds to their programs. “Projections show that in the year 2020 there will be 9.2 million jobs in the "STEM fields" — and half of those jobs will be in computing and IT and there is not nearly enough talent in the pipeline to fill these vacancies.” (Chris Stephenson, CSTA)  These schools are leading the path to preparing our youth to solve complex problems, think computationally, analyze data, and become our future innovators. Attend this session and leave inspired to introduce exciting CS courses to your district and learn about how you can help fill the void in our workforce with the support of these outstanding educators.

  • Heather Carey, M.A.  -  Executive Director, Mass Technology Leadership Council Education Foundation

  • Kelly Powers, M.A.T./M.I.S.  -  Department Chair, Computer Science Grade 6-12 CS Teacher, Advanced Math & Science Academy Charter School
  • Elaine Mistretta, M.Ed.  -  Math, Computer Science & Robotics Teacher, Haverhill High School
  • David Petty, M.Ed.,B.S.  -  Teacher, Technology/Engineering Coordinator, STEM Coordinator, Winchester High School
  • Paul Marques, M.Ed.  -  Teacher Computer Science / Math, Malden High School