STEM Sprouts in Preschool: How Museums, Libraries & Public Broadcasters Support Early STEM Education

Room: West Club: Lounge 1

Astronomer Amy Mainzer surveyed her scientist and engineer colleagues, asking them a simple question: “When did you first decide that you wanted to be a scientist?” Overwhelmingly, their response was: before they were 10 years old! The Commonwealth understands that in order to create the next generation of scientists and engineers we need to focus on our youngest citizens, encouraging them to explore the science and math of everyday life — both because it’s fun and rewarding and because it gives children the skills they need to succeed in school. Join the Boston Children’s Museum, the Norfolk Public Library, and the WGBH Educational Foundation for a hands-on session that will showcase the Commonwealth’s investment in early childhood STEM education from interactive museum activity kits to a new digital STEM curriculum for center-based and family childcare settings to family events at public libraries. Participants will receive a STEM-themed children’s picture book and a magnifying glass.

  • Eric Lieberman, B.S.  -  Educator/Provider Specialist , MA Department of Early Education and Care

  • Mary Haggerty, M.A.  -  Director of Media Engagement, WGBH Educational Foundation
  • Beth Fredericks, M.Ed.  -  Director, Museums/Libraries Project, Boston Children’s Museum
  • Connie Jones, B.S. Ed.  -  Early Childhood Resource Center Coordinator, Norfolk Public Library