Research-Based STEM Resources: Closing the Gap between Researchers and Practitioners

Room: Red Level, Suite 70

This session focuses on STEM research and practice by highlighting effective researcher/practitioner collaborations. Participants from diverse exemplary projects will characterize how they collaborate to develop research-vetted STEM resources and technologies. Researchers and developers will describe their projects, and selected PreK – 12 educators will share how their critical problems of practice inform the development of new instructional and assessment materials. If you are a researcher, come to learn more about engaging practitioners in the design and implementation of your project. If you are a school or district educator, come to learn about new middle and high school resources, and how you can be involved in future development efforts. The session will have an interactive format, and written materials on each showcased project will be distributed. Participants will be able to talk informally with practitioner-researcher teams from projects from a variety of institutions.

  • Barbara Brauner Berns, M.A.  -  Managing Project Director and Co-PI, Research and Practice Collaboratory, Education Development Center, Inc.

  • Joshua Sheldon, M.E.  -  Research Project Manager, MIT Scheller Teacher Education Program
  • Michael Murray, M.A.T.  -  Biology Teacher, Adjunct Professor; Pembroke High School, Massasoit Community College
  • Ethan Danahy, Ph.D.  -  Research Assistant Professor, Tufts University
  • Gary Garber, M.A.  -  Instructor, Boston University Academy
  • Janice Gobert, Ph.D.  -  Associate Professor, Worcester Polytechnic Institute
  • Kathleen Scibelli, M.Ed.  -  Science Teacher, Science Lead Teacher, Oak Middle School, Shrewsbury, MA
  • Charlotte Dowd, M.S.  -  Director, Northeast School Partnerships, Agile Mind
  • Jessica Johnson, M.S.  -  Math Teacher, High School of Science & Technology, Springfield Public Schools