Putting the “M” in STEM

Room: Red Level, Suite 22

This session highlights professional development courses that fully integrate the mathematics of science through the science lenses of The Mathematics of Force and Motion and the Mathematics of the Engineering Design Process. The partnership among Lesley University, The Boston Museum of Science and the Brockton and Quincy Public Schools has brought together scientist and science educators with mathematicians and mathematic educators. When teaching, for example, the Algebra I and Ratio and Proportional Reasoning courses, teacher participants journeyed to the MOS to actively engage in the process of doing science while representing that science through mathematics. We will share via pictures, video, and verbal descriptions the interactive engagement of the teacher participants as they interacted with the mathematics of science. Participants will walk away with a blueprint of how educators in two different disciplines can overcome barriers and collaborate on the development and instruction of courses that cross into both science and mathematics.

  • Yolanda Neville, M.Ed.  -  Program Manager, STEM Division, Lesley University

  • Dr. Anne M. Collins, Ph.D.  -  Director of Math Programs, Lesley University
  • Stephen Yurek, M.A.  -  Associate Director of Math Center, Lesley University