Higher Education Partnerships through the Continuum: K-12, Colleges and into STEM Workforce

Room: Red Level, Suite 10, Super Box Red

We are delving into the motivations and rewards for a variety of Massachusetts stakeholders to create and sustain programs that address the workforce and education needs of the Commonwealth. The panelists come from a variety of settings, diverse geographical areas, and organizations; however, they are all are focused on how to propel students from K – 12 schools, two- and four-year institutions, and create a technologically literate population, some of which are ready and inspired to join our technical workforce. The panel represents a mix of stakeholders from community colleges, four-year institutions, corporations and philanthropic and extramural funding organizations. They have all demonstrated a commitment to this continuum approach by dedicating resources and leadership to support their mission. We will first briefly share our programmatic efforts and results and then engage the audience in an interactive way so we can all learn about best practices and unmet needs. Please join us as we have a conversation about sustained inspiration and preparation of our students through education and into the workforce.

  • Dr. Susan Bronstein, Ed.D.  -  Program Director, ABLE4STEM, University of Massachusetts

  • Dr. Robert Cody, Ph.D.  -  Dean, Science, Technology, Mathematics, Business and Workforce Education, Cape Cod Community College
  • Dr. Ann Coles, Ed.D.  -  Senior Fellow, College Access Programs, uAspire
  • Terri Munson, B.S.  -  Stand and Deliver Mentoring Program Coordinator, Raytheon
  • Dr. Gretchen Fougere, Ph.D.  -  Assistant Dean of Outreach and Diversity, College of Engineering, Boston University