Digital Games for STEM Education

Room: Red Level, Suite 69

The lack of students qualified for and pursuing STEM based careers suggests that traditional approaches to STEM education are not always effective.  Game-based learning is an innovative practice that can provide exciting opportunities for students to develop core STEM content skills as well as explore the processes of science, engineering and computational thinking.  Game-based models engage students in an environment they enjoy and provide entertaining opportunities to investigate STEM concepts. These STEM games are research based, easy to access, and often freely available for use within and beyond the classroom.  
This session will focus on the role of games in STEM education, will spotlight specific educational games and the research that supports them, and will highlight opportunities to participate in Massachusetts based gaming initiatives.

  • Kim Spangenberg, M.S.  -  Manager of STEM , The Virtual High School

  • Teon Edwards, M.S.  -  Curriculum Developer, TERC
  • Susannah Gordon-Messer, Ph.D.  -  Education Content Manager, The Education Arcade, MIT
  • Scot Osterweil, Ph.D.  -  Creative Director, Learning Games Network
  • Bert Snow, B.A.  -  Vice President of Design and Content, Muzzy Lane