Digital Resources to Engage Students in STEM

Room: Red Level, Suite 69

The national call to increase the number of students who are prepared to pursue careers in STEM fields demands a new approach to STEM education. Student engagement is critical to inspiring students to stick with STEM courses as content becomes more challenging in the post high school years. Digital resources encompass a wide range of tools that provide exceptional value in the STEM classroom and are a great way to spark student interests, engage students in minds-on learning, and provide access to state-of-the-art interactive media.

During this session, participants will learn about a variety of categories of resources that can greatly enhance the secondary STEM classroom. Part of this session will focus on the benefits of repositories that contain freely available, high quality, peer reviewed science resources. These resources support both teachers and students alike by enhancing background knowledge and teachers’ classroom presentations, while also providing a means to increase students’ scientific literacy skills. A second portion of this session will focus on the power of high quality simulations, animations, and videos. Participants will learn how to best leverage these resources in the classroom. The session will also consider the “big picture” benefits of digital curricula, providing participants with an opportunity to learn about MOOCs and online STEM courses.

  • Kim Spangenberg, M.S.  -  Manager of STEM, The Virtual High School

  • Louise Dube, M.B.A.  -  Managing Director, Digital Learning, WGBH Educational Foundation/PBS Learning Media
  • Chad Dorsey, Ph.D.  -  President and CEO, The Concord Consortium
  • Tamara Ledley, Ph.D.  -  Senior Scientist, Chair of the Center for Science Teaching and Learning, TERC
  • Amy Michalowski, M.Ed.  -  Director of Academic Affairs, The Virtual High School