Developing the Child’s Interest in STEM – Moving from Theory into Practice

Room: West Club: Lounge 1

This Strand will focus on three programs and the paths they have taken towards helping children develop interest in STEM concepts and, through discovery science, learn about the world around them. The programs will share their STEM projects, events, goals and practices, and the moderator will open discussion up for participants to ask questions about their presentation and discuss with the presenters emergent topics associated with STEM instruction with preschool children as well as other topics, such as professional development and curriculum. For example, Greater Lawrence Head Start Program will share how the topic of Bridges was intentionally chosen for its general scientific, technological, mathematical and engineering concepts for their children to discover. Bridges serve a purpose in our communities. In their STEM — Bridges integrated unit, children began to investigate physics and engineering as they designed and built different structures.  Children studied the different types of bridges, including the arch, beam, suspension, and truss type bridges. Viewing the attributes of the bridges in Lawrence, they developed new vocabulary and concepts in comparisons of measurement, a variety of materials for building, balance, and line. Their display will consist of children’s artifacts, digital display and display boards. This presentation will provide an interesting interactive and informative session for Early Education and Care participants.

  • Jody Figuerido, Ph.D.  -  STRAND Facilitator, Director of The Institute for Education and Professional Development

  • Anne D’Errico, M.B.A.  -  Head Start Director, Greater Lawrence Head Start Program
  • Dr. Patricia Howson, Ph.D.  -  STEM Education Consultant, Merrimack College
  • Tara Fitzgibbons, B.A.  -  Education Manager, Greater Lawrence Head Start Program
  • Angela Amenta, A.A.  -  Lead Teacher, Greater Lawrence Head Start Program
  • Dianne Bardsley, B.A.  -  CEO, Markman Children’s Programs, Inc.
  • Debra Roux, A.A.  -  School Age Coordinator, Markman Children’s Programs, Inc.
  • Debra Garvin, B.A.  -  Preschool Coordinator, Markman Children’s Programs, Inc.
  • Kathy D’Agostino, B.A. in progress  -  Family Child Care Provider, Kathy’s Family Child Care and Preschool