Building School District Capacity to Support Computer Science: Superintendent/Business Leader Panel

Room: Red Level, Suite 16

Business leaders will address four issues: Why do we need to prepare all students to have basic computing skills to negotiate the rest of the 21st Century?  Why do our state and national economies need many more students prepared and inspired to pursue computer science careers?  Why do our goals for equal opportunity require that we prepare and inspire many more young women and underrepresented minorities for these extraordinary careers of the future?  How can the business community support Professional Development efforts to realize these goals? Superintendents will address three issues: How has supporting teachers who want to be innovators in expanding opportunities for students to pursue 21st Century careers in Computer Science benefitted our school system?  What advice do we have for other school districts where there is interest in introducing/ providing more Computer Science courses?  How might more superintendents, statewide, be encouraged to respond to the educational and workforce imperative of providing many more students with the opportunity to pursue Computer Science careers? The Moderator will ask the business leaders to address emerging national issues: the importance of Computer Science Education Week 12/8 — 14; the films available for free on and other resources; and, the importance of having Computer Science courses count for Math high school graduation credits.

  • Jim Stanton, Ed.D.  -  MassCAN Executive Director and Senior Project Director, Education Development Center, Inc., EDC

  • Steve Vinter, Ph.D.  -  Massachusetts Engineering Site Manager, Google
  • Annmarie Levins, J.D. & Ph.D.  -  Associate General Counsel, Microsoft
  • James Scully, M.Ed.  -  Superintendent, Haverhill Public Schools
  • David DeRuosi, Ed.D.  -  Superintendent, Malden Public Schools
  • Laura Chesson, Ed.D.  -  Assistant Superintendent, Arlington Public Schools