Afterschool and Out-of-School Time Roundtable Discussion

Room: Red Level, Suite 20

After-school and Out-of-School Time programs are excellent venues to introduce and explore STEM subjects and excite students (and staff) about engaging in the fields of math, engineering and science and technology. An inquiry-based program can help reinforce skills learned in school, build problem solving abilities, and provide hands-on, fun activities that can engage even the most reluctant learners. Our goal is to take the fear out of STEM and encourage children, youth and our young staff members to consider pursuing careers in the STEM fields.

This interactive roundtable session will focus on the "whys and ways" of including STEM programming in after-school, camp and Out of School Time programs. Discussions will include summer learning loss and programming, EEC professional development, best practices, Regional STEM networks, and 21st Century Grants. Please come and share your thoughts, questions and experiences in engaging children and youths in the new STEM frontiers.

  • Sarah Montoya, B.A.  -  Early Education and Care Specialist, The Institute For Education And Professional Development

  • Kim Audette, M.Ed  -  Coordinator OST Initiative, EEC Educator/Provider Support Program, Preschool Enrichment Team
  • Robert French, Ph.D.  -  Director of Policy & Program Development, NorthStar Learning Centers, New Bedford, MA
  • Katie Magrane  -  Executive Director, Massachusetts Afterschool Partnership
  • Kristen McKinnon, M.S., M.P.A  -  Service-Learning and Out-of-School Time Specialist, MA Department of Elementary & Secondary Education
  • Karyl Resnick, M.Ed.  -  Coordinator, 21st Century Community Learning Centers Program, MA Department of Elementary & Secondary Education
  • John Swanson, J.D.  -  Policy Analyst , MA Department of Early Education and Care