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What Does Weight Have to Do with It?

Presented by: GLCAC, Inc. Head Start

Strand: Early Education

Teachers will share fiction and informational text used for introducing concepts and building expressive vocabulary. As the majority of our children are English language learners, it is critical that teaching strategies are used to help children understand the academic language employed in their experiences. These strategies are fundamental for supporting the children’s learning, providing them further access to more advanced content, and helping them to avoid scientific misconceptions.

Highlights of some of the STEM projects include:

  • Studying of a variety of scales for measurement, including balance scales, spring scales, bathroom scales, food scales, dial spring weighing scales, physician's scales (platform scale) and truck scales. The study investigates the design, purpose, and history of each scale; leading them to investigate the fulcrum, center of gravity, and balance; leading them to engineering a scale.
  • Engineering a tree that will hold Horton from “Horton Lays an Egg” by Dr. Seuss.
  • Engineering a device that will move heavy objects along a horizontal plane.
  • Exploring the center of gravity and balance using a variety of experiences to reinforce the concepts around density, mass, weight and size.
  • Creating balance sculptures to reinforce the concepts of balance and stability.
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