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The Life of an Invention

Presented by: Communities United, Inc.

Strand: Early Education

The Life of an Invention is specifically geared toward early childhood education, however can be adapted for curriculum of any grade level. In our exhibit we will provide examples of planning, collaboration, and experimentation that we have successfully engaged in with children ages 3 to 5 years and showcase how children utilized prosocial behavior to enhance problem solving. We will discuss with attendees: where invention ideas originate, the process of experimentation, and the importance of invention at all age levels. Visitors will have the opportunity to learn how to present the formalized topic of invention to young children, through detailed exploration of the invention process including planning with blue prints, sourcing inspiration from natural and man-made items in their environment, and trial and error process. We talk about materials and power systems, discuss how inventions are improved and modified over time, and promote the importance of teamwork and collaboration between inventors. We will discuss ways in which we have encouraged community members to participate in on-site “innovation days”.

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