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STEM GOES STEAM: The Creative side of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math


Strand: K-12 Education

We often hear children say, “Will we take something home after class?” Children love creating things, and they love showing off their creations and talking about the process that they did, and what they learned.

Curiosity and creativity go hand in hand, as we engage children in the fields of STEM.  Young children develop the interest in learning concepts, when they are able to test out learning concepts by creating or building something. A lot of STEM concepts are best learned, when using Art as a creative tool for innovative learning. 

In our exhibit, we will explore a variety of art activities that can spark further learning of STEM concepts. Focus will be on lessons on Force & Motion. We’ll explore the concept of centrifugal force through the use of a fan circuit; children can program a robot to draw a pattern and create art; and forces like gravity and magnetism can be learned through gravity and magnetic painting. Learn about these STEAM activities, and more!

Discover ways to help young children be creative and keeping them curious about STEM! Learning is best when kids are doing hands-on activities and having fun!

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