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STEM Courses for Teachers: Research Based Program Options for Teachers

Presented by: Tufts University

Strand: K-12 Education

The exhibit draws from and showcases the work of three certificate programs at Tufts University that provide in-service teachers with opportunities to earn graduate level course credit while enriching their own understanding of STEM topics and improving their students’ learning. Offered fully or primarily online, these programs allow teachers to deepen their understanding, earn course credits, and bring proven expertise into their classrooms. The mathematics program (The Poincaré Institute, https://sites.tufts.edu/poincare/), science program (Certificate Program in Science Education, http://asegrad.tufts.edu/academics/explore-graduate-programs/science-education), and engineering program (Teacher Engineering Education Program, http://teep.tufts.edu/) have a demonstrated history of positive outcomes.

The exhibit will include overviews of the programs and related research. We will share examples of course materials, work from past participants, and research results on the impact of the programs. This includes examination of changes in teachers’ understanding of STEM concepts, influence on classroom practice, and analysis of the connections between teacher participation and student performance.

This exhibit is a useful resource for teachers or other school personnel who are vested in serious teacher development as a productive path to student success. We also welcome industry and foundation partners who are interested in learning more and supporting teacher professional development in STEM as an essential pathway to promoting excellent K-12 STEM education in our area. We believe that teachers are the most valuable resource in the effort to encourage K-12 students not only to succeed in science, mathematics, and engineering, but also to appreciate the excitement and opportunity of these fields.

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