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Reaching New Elevations and Realities with the Augmented Reality Sandbox

Presented by: Fitchburg Public Schools


Interact with an Augmented Reality Sandbox, explore curated resources which were designed to support implementation in the K-12 setting, and gather information about all aspects of how to build and support your own AR Sandbox.  Learn how the Augmented Reality Sandbox is a rich storytelling device which engages students with diverse learning needs while breathing life into topics such as landforms, topography, weathering, erosion, and watersheds.

The use of AR Sandbox technology stretches beyond the K-12 classroom from exploration of cause and effect with Pre-K children to engagement of community members and politicians. Since being launched in museums in 2012 AR Sandboxes have been used widely by university-level educators and land management agencies to engage politicians, stakeholders and funders in rich conversations about environmental change and natural disaster planning.

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