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Quarrybrook Experiential Education Center: Teaching and Learning Practices to Develop STEM Concepts

Presented by: Quarrybrook Experiential Education Center

Strand: K-12 Education

This exhibit will provide information for K-12 educators interested in learning about Experiential Education to foster student learning of STEM concepts. Quarrybrook’s mission is to support students and teachers by sharing our natural space for deeper learning. Quarrybrook offers field classes designed to support students’ mastery of the MA Science, Technology, and Engineering standards and the Common Core Math standards, as well as professional development for teachers who want to learn more about these practices. Presenters will demonstrate strategies used during our field classes and will share sample curriculum. Visitors will leave with a better understanding of the potential impact of experiential teaching and learning and concrete examples of how to do this in their own classrooms. We believe that experiential teaching and learning practices provide an opportunity for developing the scientific practices and disciplinary core concepts that underlie development of the STE performance expectations, and that the curriculum we offer at Quarrybrook can create an important foundation for student learning. We work closely with K-12 schools to ensure that our work is not only engaging for students and teachers, but is also filling a real need in the K-16 pathway for STEM success. Through our programming, students have the potential to engage with math and science in multiple venues across each grade level, in a way that reflects the STE standards’ focus on learning progressions. This can support students’ understanding of the applications of STEM principles beyond the classroom, including in their community and as a potential future profession.

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