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Partnering to Teach Robotics, Engineering & Computer Science

Presented by: Bancroft School

Strand: K-12 Education

Engineering and programming robots using BowlerStudio software and a 3D printer provides an authentic student-centered experience. We will demonstrate a robotic bulldog and discuss how teachers can create their own robotics classroom experience. Imagine students actively discussing a program as they develop the code together. Then imagine their excitement when that code prints out parts to a 3D printer and those parts move with the addition of servos, motors and sensors. Now you have students who want to do their homework and never want to leave your classroom. Learn how you can use Bowler Studio to teach students from middle school to high school and see a demonstration of a robotic bulldog created at Bancroft School.

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Governor’s STEM Advisory Council Massachusetts Business Roundtable UMass Donahue Institute WGBH