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Northbridge High School - Epic Challenge Program

Presented by: Northbridge High School

Strand: K-12 Education

Several Northbridge High School students will present their prototypes and scientific research representing various proposals they delivered to NASA engineers in the spring of 2018. Each design was developed as part of the NASA Epic Challenge program to support a sustainable human colony on Mars. SpaceX and NASA visualize establishing a human colony on Mars in the 2020s. However, there are many obstacles we must anticipate and overcome before a sustainable human colony can be realized. One of those problems is the cost, energy and time required to transport the required construction material and food to Mars. In situ resource utilization (ISRU) could significantly reduce this obstacle. Dr. Charles Camarda, NASA astronaut and Senior Advisor for Engineering Development in the Office of the Director, challenged our team to explore ISRU and design a solution to this problem.

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