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Makerspaces - hot places to spark interest, create awareness and democratize STEM in your school

Presented by: MIT Edgerton Center

Strand: K-12 Education

The Maker Movement has changed the technological landscape, bringing tools like 3D printers and CAD software to broader and younger audiences. But Making is about so much more than shiny new technology. At its core, the Maker Movement is about democratizing innovation: giving everyone the tools to create, the courage to fail, and the empathy to solve problems as a community. 
In a classroom context, Maker activities are project-based learning activities with an emphasis on collaboration, creativity, and “cool tools.” We have found that through working on well-designed and implemented Maker projects, students become empowered, independent learners and interested in pursuing STEM fields.
At this exhibit, K-12 educators can learn how to create greater access to STEM careers by using Maker projects in any subject. Visitors will have opportunities to:

  • see a range of Maker Projects samples (student work) from core academic classes.
  • review our Maker Methodology and online resources (with handouts of downloadable docs)
  • try out a few digital fab/Maker tools (3D printer, Vinyl Cutter, simple electronics)

Since 1992, the MIT Edgerton Center has been a haven for experiential learning, supporting our undergraduate Makers long before the explosion of the open-source Maker movement. We are now working to support K-12 educators integrating Maker practices in their classrooms. We believe that by Making in any discipline, students can become technologically-literate, empowered citizens of the 21st century.

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