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Little Miss Science™: Inspiring a Love for Science in Young Girls

Presented by: Little Miss Science™

Strand: K-12 Education

Little Miss Science™, an after-school program designed for girls in grades 2 through 4, was created by three high school sophomores in order to foster a love of science and encourage young girls to choose futures in STEM-related fields. The program is focused on making science fun through simple but highly educational science experiments, conducted in an engaging and encouraging environment. Experiments that have been performed include building baking soda and vinegar volcanoes to learn about chemical reactions, testing the scientific method and the engineering design process in the construction of an apparatus that will prevent an egg from cracking if it is dropped off of a platform, and racing boats powered by soap to explore surface tension. In each class, girls receive a flyer describing the experiment that will be performed, the scientific principles behind it, and key thinking questions that will help them explore the topic more deeply and connect it to the real world. The class was oversubscribed from the beginning, and the girls frequently ask if they can come more often or stay longer after class to continue doing experiments. A key benefit of this program is the ability to bring together young elementary school students with high school age role models who can pass on their own love of science. The founders of Little Miss Science are very interested in working with other educators (whether high school students or others) who are interested in expanding the Little Miss Science program into their own communities.

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