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Learning Electronics by Doing: STEM Workforce and Career Preparation from Ages 8 through 80

Presented by: Applied Inspirations, LLC

Strand: Higher Education

Our exhibit is for those who will be teaching and setting policy for students having an interest in a science/technical career or preparing teachers to be able to teach STEM in schools. All students can benefit from a foundational understanding of electronics; therefore we have introductory/smaller kits for them. These can also be used to discover those students who have an interest in electronics as a career. For students who have a special aptitude for all things technical/scientific we have hands-on curriculum/courses. College professors and workforce/businesses could benefit from our exhibit, as well as teachers and pre-teachers for grades 5 – 12.

  • Our kits and curriculum/courses involve soldering as it is a “life skill” that can be used for projects other than electronics -- STEAM. What separates us from others - we teach “how and why” things work.
  • Our more advanced Hands-on Electronics Curriculum/Courses can be used for the college STEM student as well as prepare teachers so they can prepare students for college and/or the workforce, thus entering into a rewarding and productive career for a continued economic prosperity and growth across the Commonwealth. The earlier we get students excited about actually building real electronics, the better. (Just connecting "magic modules", then down loading a script is not learning electronics!)  
  • Executives of electronic companies have said they would hire someone having done our hands-on training courses over a four-year electrical engineer graduate who has had mostly theory and very little lab time.
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