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IEEE REACH – Free Resources That Bridge STEM with Social Studies Through the Lens of History

Presented by: IEEE History Center at Stevens Institute of Technology

Strand: K-12 Education

Experience the interdisciplinary and dynamic nature of STE through the lens of History with IEEE REACH, a cross-cutting, interdisciplinary, program that provides free educational resources that focuses on the history of technology and engineering in a social context. IEEE REACH highlights the history of specific technologies and the impact such has on society, culture, economics and politics and vice versa. The resources include inquiry units or lesson plans, hands-on activities, short engaging videos and primary and secondary source materials, as well as background information for teachers. The areas of focus include technologies associated within the following areas of human endeavor: agriculture, manufacturing, the production and distribution of goods and services, the use of energy, communication, transportation, information processing, medicine and health care, and warfare.

Developed by the IEEE History Center, the lesson plans, are formatted in the Social Studies C3 (College, Career, Civics) Standards and are created in an Inquiry Design Model. The Inquiry Design Model incorporates both formative performance tasks, summative performance tasks, and civic action, which offers an opportunity for students to apply the context of what they learn to current situations, and instills relevancy to their lives.  As such, IEEE REACH addresses an often-minimalized link in STEM education, the social context of technology and engineering. It provides both teachers and students with an opportunity to bridge the disciplines of Social Studies and STEM and enhance students critical thinking and problem-solving skills, and boosts both cultural and technological literacy.

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