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Discovery Museum’s Traveling Science Workshops

Presented by: Discovery Museum

Strand: K-12 Education

Try your hand at a variety of hands-on STEM activities from Magnetism to Sound to Physical Changes of Matter that not only represent the depth and breadth of what the Discovery Museum's Traveling Science Workshops offer students and teachers PreK-8th grade, but also provide ideas for simple and affordable ways to bring physical science concepts to life in the classroom. Visitors to the exhibit can explore phase changes using dry ice and liquid nitrogen. They can experiment with creative ways to introduce students to the concept of sound-as-vibration using tuning forks or even a common wire metal hanger. Practitioners will enjoy engaging in conversation and exploration alongside our STEM educators as we trade proven strategies and ideas for best practices of engaging kids in meaningful exploration that begins in the classroom, and carries on to other parts of their lives. Topics include Physical Changes of Matter, Force & Motion, Sound, Electromagnetism, Green Engineering, Chemistry Lab, Light, Weather and more.

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UMass Donahue Institute Massachusetts Business Roundtable Governor’s STEM Advisory Council WGBH