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Converse with Students about their Research/Innovation Projects & Grants for Science Fair Programs

Presented by: Massachusetts State Science & Engineering Fair (MSSEF)

Strand: K-12 Education

Come meet middle and high school students who are eager to discuss their scientific research findings and engineering design innovations. Learn about resources and grants that can help your school or district to offer students the opportunity to investigate a meaningful question in depth, guided by a STEM mentor.
MSSEF programs are inspiring students at a young age to pursue STEM studies and careers, building the STEM talent pipeline. Students in grades K-16, STEM teachers, STEM professionals and parents are welcome to visit and discover why so many MSSEF alumni refer to their independent research and science fair participation as “a life-forming experience,” one that “allowed me to go to college,” and with hindsight, realize that “I was constructing my future.” A survey of MSSEF alumni found over 50% in sustained and successful STEM careers.

At this exhibit, students will display their science fair project boards. MSSEF staff will be on hand to provide information on implementation strategies and resources, including:

  • Grants to schools to start or expand sustainable science fair programs
  • Graduate-credit courses that enable teachers to implement the revised MA STE standards
  • STEM Certificate in Science & Engineering Practices
  • Student Mentoring
  • Online forms wizard for research plan approvals
  • Multimedia resources and data about the effectiveness of MSSEF programs.

At MSSEF, our vision is a future where every student is empowered through learning in science and engineering practices. Please visit - be inspired by these young innovators, and learn how your school can provide these opportunities to students.

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