Exhibit Hall

Coding in Elementary Schools, K-6

Presented by: Pentucket Regional School District

Strand: K-12 Education

This exhibit is relevant for teachers of Kindergarten through grade 8 students. Visitors will be able to learn about and program five different robots designed with elementary and middle school students in mind. BeeBots (ages 4-7), Dash robots (ages 6+), Probots (ages 8+), Lego Mindstorms (ages 10+), and Vex robots (ages 10+) will be on display and available for visitors to try out. Elementary teachers and students will be on hand to demonstrate how each robot and its accompanying software works. 

In addition to the robots, Terrapin Logo, a programming language originally developed for education, and the HyperDuino shield will also be available for visitors to try. Both Logo and HyperDuino bring the “A” to STEAM. Although Logo uses abbreviated commands making it an ideal first language for younger students, it is a powerful program that embodies the "no floor, no ceiling" learn-by-doing philosophy. HyperDuino introduces young children to simple analog and digital control of electronic components such as LEDs, buzzers, and photoresistors that can be used to enhance physical models.

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